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Prepare Your Car For Summer

Replace Your Air Filter: Your air filter is the life line of your engine. Your motor breathes air through the air filter and if it is dirty, you should replace it, so now’s a good time to get that 5-minute job out of the way!

Radiator Flush: A once-a-year radiator flush is a great idea to start the summer. Coolant can break down and corrode the radiator of your car or truck. It is a bit of a job, but a radiator flush can save the life of your radiator and prevent corrosion and extra maintenance or repair you might incurr if you don’t keep your radiator fluid

Inspect Your Brakes: Brake maintenance is a vital part of your vehicle’s maintenance schedule. The three most important elements of it ability to move and transport you to your destination is your car or truck’s accelleration, steering and brakes. Brakes of course, need to be inspected once or twice a year and if you experience sounds when applying the brakes you should have them checked immediately.

Check your tires: Summer weather means a variety of changes and weather that may affect driving conditions. It is important to check the tread of your tires and keep them rotated, balanced and aligned to maximize performance, improve gas mileage and keep you safe. A schedule for auto maintenance would not be complete without regular tire maintenance.

Headlights: Don’t let the first time you notice a light out on your vehicle be when a police officer pulls you over. Now’s a good time to take a look to see if you need to replace a headlight bulb. It may be a hassel when you get a ticket for driving without a headlight or signal light, but more importantly it is unsafe for you and your precious cargo!

Windshield Wipers: Winter weather can be brutal to your windshield wipers, making them almost useless if you get caught in a summer rain shower. Replace them at the beginning of the summer and you won’t have to worry.

Check the Battery: Corrosion is very likely to build up during winter weather driving. Check your battery posts and cables to ensure you’ll have no starting problems.

Remember that car safety begins with you. It also ends with you, since you’re the one driving the car. That means not doing anything stupid like speeding or driving drunk. Do all of us a favor and skip those dangerous activities.

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