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Many people put off brake pad replacement until they hear the ear piercing screech of metal on metal. Rather than risking damage to your rotors, or worse—putting your life in danger, it's always best to give brakes the attention they need and check them on a regular basis and replacing brake pads when needed.
It's easy to assume that your vehicle will stop quickly every time you step on the brake pedal. In driving it's such a regular process that it's second nature and easy not to give it much thought. However, ignoring early warning signs of a need for brake pad replacement could have your car parked or in the auto repair shop for much costlier repairs.

How Do You Know When it's Time for Brake pad Replacement?

While driving often makes it easy for problems with brakes to sneak up without notice, driving often also provides the perfect opportunity to make notes of brake performance and set baselines.
Regularly “feel” the brakes. If the brake pedal goes down further than you expect or is hard it may mean you have a brake problem and need a brake pad replacement. You might also feel a pulsing, or the vehicle might pull to the right or left when braking. There are also noises that signal brake problems, such as clicking, screeching, or grinding.
Any of these problems signal a need to have the brakes checked as soon as possible:

• Vibration in the steering wheel
• Brake or Low-pad warning light on
• Changes in the feel of braking
• Noises when you apply the brakes

Why Have a Professional Check Your Braking System?
The brakes are one of the most important features of your car, so taking care of them is a very high priority. While replacing brakes might seem like an easy project, the technologies implemented in most systems today make the project increasingly technical. Auto shops have the tools, technology, and training to check the system thoroughly, replace brake pads (and in some cases, brake sensors as well), and make any other necessary repairs.

Take your vehicle to the auto shop every 12-15 moths for a regular inspection of the brake pads and have them replaced as soon as you start to experience problems.

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