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Pro-1 Automotive Inc in Reno, Nevada knows we all fear this time of spring when everything turns yellow in color and everyone we know seems to come down with hay fever. The effects of pollen on air quality during spring are obvious in indoor and outdoor settings, but it's really important not to neglect the effects of pollen on your car. When you think about it, our cars are on the front lines of the war on pollen. Imagine if you went out for a jog one spring day, but you magically acquired a new super power that enabled you to run at 50 miles per hour. It'd be a total blast at first, but after the first few blocks you'd be wheezing and sneezing from all the pollen suddenly rushing into your face and lungs. Why are air filters so important? We tend to think of our cars as solid, and totally protected from the elements like rain and wind. But lots of air flows through our vehicles when we drive, both into the interior cabin of the car where we sit, and under the hood into the engine and machinery. That's why there are a number of different air filters to protect you and your car from the elements, and keep out large particles of dust and dirt that build up with frequent driving. When your filter is dirty, and trust me, we see it all the time, your car's performance really suffers. Side effects of a dirty filter:

    • An old or dirty filter lets in more dust, dirt and harmful particles like pollen and pathogens.
    • A dirty, over-saturated filter lets in less air, so your engine has to work twice as hard to burn fuel and get the job done.
    • A dirty filter is a less-effective filter. Too much dust and dirt can wear it down, and let in more dirt, pollen and you-name-it into your engine, leading to inefficiency and possible long-term damage.
    • A dirty cabin filter negatively affects your heating and air-conditioning, and in some cases will produce some terrible smells.
    • A dirty engine air filter lowers your fuel economy!

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