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Spark plugs play an incredibly important part in the ignition system of your vehicle. Over time your spark plug will wear out and will require replacement, whether a car, truck, fleet or van. Some common signs you may see if your spark plugs need to be replaced are the check engine light turning on, the engine misfiring, receiving poor fuel economy or feeling vibrations coming from your engine. If you see any of these symptoms you should bring your vehicle to an auto repair shop as soon as possible. Here at Pro-1 Automotive Inc, our auto mechanics can perform checks on your car and make the necessary installments if your spark plugs do need replacing.

Make sure to check your owners manual to determine the basic guidelines for when your vehicle's spark plugs need to be replaced as it varies by vehicle. Our team of auto repair experts at Pro-1 Automotive, Inc will get you back on the road quickly and cost effectively so that you can get the best performance from your ride.

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