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I took my car into Pro 1 Automotive at the referral of my Father in Law. The first mechanic said I needed a new transmission but things were not adding up of what he was telling me. I know I am not an expert on cars but I do know when I am getting swindle, I do some minor repairs on my own. Pro 1 Automotive did an excellent job. They took the time to listen to all the issues were brought to them and they agreed that the first mechanic story didn't add up since we were having problems but the check engine light was not on. After the testing they did they found out the alternator was the source to all the problems. Going with them saved alot of hassle and $3000. I will be going with them from now on. Thank you Pro 1 Automotive.


Last year I had a choice to buy 2 trucks one wouldnt pass smog and the other I was told is stock. The one that wouldnt pass smog was 1000 dollars cheaper. But who wants to bother with that. So I said to the other guy if this truck passes smog I will pay the extra and get it. Well they passed it. Went back this year 2016 and they failed it due to having no CAT. Why did it pass last year then. The guy at the counter said it passed because we had some employees that didn't do things right and they are not working here anymore. Now only did I pay a extra 1000 for this truck but now I have to put out another 1000 to put one on. And no phone call from owner saying anything after I have called him numerous times. I WILL NEVER GO THERE AND THEY WILL SEE ME IN COURT>


Back in October 2015, My Chevy Silverado diesel went into limp mode while towing my 5th wheel. I took it into Pro 1 and Chuck said they would get an estimate to get it working condition, The next day he called after finding the problem and said it would be a few more days as the part had to be ordered through a dealer after they checked every dealer for 300 miles. After the truck was repaired, I didn't have quite enough money so Chuck worked with me and got me out the door. We left Reno towing our 5th wheel over the Sierras and have not had 1 problem since. I am getting ready to now drive back to Pro 1 to get more service done. I recommend Pro 1 to anyone. Thanks Chuck!


So for starters I have a 31 year old diesel. The emissions it has to pass is 40.00 units. I went here because someone recommended it to smog my truck. When I smogged the truck it failed and was over by a whopping 13 units so 53.09... For those who don't understand smog that means basically there was 53% smoke coming out my tailpipe. For a diesel that means thick black smoke. My truck does not smoke except on a cold start. My fuel isn't turned up and I have stock injectors. I then went to the DMV to see what my options were and talked with their emissions station personally. They suggested I go to another place. I didn't show them the actual test because technically my truck should be exempt because its ex military and that was my main question. So I went to Sierra Diesel Injection Service. Funny thing my truck passed and with flying colors only reading 1.4 units. I watched the test personally as well and the guy ran it twice. So what does that mean? Either Pro 1 rigged it to try to get me to "pay" them for "service" or their machine was out of wack. Talked to the DMV, they're going to send a truck out to test the machine and a course of action will be taken. I'm going to Sierra for now on. Even if their machine was off at Pro 1, I can only assume the possibility. Plus I'd rather support the little mom and pop shop.


Really good service, had my car towed to them and got stuck in Reno longer than expected. They got my car fixed the same day and the price was very reasonable.


My AC went out and after having been to other places I chose to go here. Although my car was in the shop for several days due to wrong parts being sent I really liked that they wanted to make sure everything was right before letting me drive away. They even took some off the price. Friendly staff and great business.


My service engine light came on and time was of the essence to get it diagnosed. Pro 1 was busy on the day I took it in, but they jumped on the service, replaced a glow plug and cracked turbo boot, and had it ready for me the next day. Great effort! The only reason I did not give a 5 star is they were reticent on calling me back and keeping me up to speed on the status. Minor issue, but made it difficult to plan for rides home.


Quality work, fair prices, quick turn around, and knowledgeable/skilled/friendly staff. Pro 1 Automotive is the cream of the crop. I have been bringing my vehicles to Pro 1 for the last 6 years for everything from oil changes to major repair work. They have always fixed my vehicles right and the first time. They may not be the cheapest shop in town but from my experience my vehicle usually ends up at Pro 1 anyways to fix other shops mistakes. Thank you Pro 1 you guys have never failed to impress me and keep my vehicles in tip-top shape!


Great service, professional and super nice folks. Used 'em for years & never a wrong step! Price is right in line with the quality of their work. Good stuff!!


A wheel bearing went out with extensive damage to my Dodge Ram van as I exited Burning Man in Oct 2015. AAA and the tow truck driver recommended Pro 1. Pro 1 was great. Prompt, friendly, helpful, explained clearly what had happened - and I was so exhausted at that point that it took some patience. Chuck even talked to my mechanic brother-in-law in Phoenix. They got me back on the road in one day - on the day after Labor Day, too. Very highly recommend this shop and their excellent staff. CeLe

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