Terrible. Awful. Horrible. Thieves. I took my car in for what should have been a simple alternator replacement. I was charged $230 before they even tested the alternator. I was quoted $58 for a diagnostic, which should have been a dead give away I was dealing with thieves, but then when I was given the bill they had charged me $93 for the diagnostic. After they quoted me $750 for unrequested repairs I finally told them to step away from my vehicle. I went to them only because my regular mechanic was booked and would highly recommend staying as far away from them as possible.

When this vehicle was brought to us, the battery would not hold a charge. With the customer's authorization, we replaced the battery and proceeded to check the electrical system. We found the alternator was bad. The customer paid her bill which totaled $195.76. There was no $230.00 charge prior to repairs. The $750.00 was an estimate for future repairs which we discovered during our routine inspection. The customer refused any further repairs.

- Pro 1 Automotive

People just love to complain about service businesses. Reading the reviews below, i am shocked to see 1 star reviews for this business. Let me correct that here. I have lived in reno for 41 years (all my life). My dad used to be in the auto parts business back in the day so i never had to worry about finding someone to work on my cars. When he got out of that business and we needed repairs he had me start taking my cars to Pro-1. They have been in business since i have been able to drive and they are still in business today over 20 years later. They dont rip people off, they charge for their work and stand behind it. They also go above and beyond to make sure the cars are safe and well maintained. Pro-1 have performed exploratory service, handled some major issues and also general maintenance for me many times over the years. I have taken them everything from very valuable classic cars (like my '62 cadillac coupe deville), to our modern daily drivers like our Escalade and other cars. They have ALWAYS fixed the cars correctly, taken care of the cars while they are there, explained what they were going to do, and returned the cars clean and void of any sign of service, and have charged me fairly for services performed. I am not a person to bitch about a couple bucks here or there so maybe my perspective is different when it comes to cost, but i feel like they have ALWAYS charged me fairly. The key takeaway here is that this is a non-franchise, locally run, shop owned by a man who has been in this community for over 20 years. His counter guys have too. I trust them with any of my vehicles (old or new), and I recommend them to anyone.


Took my car in because it has some dashboard lights on. Once they found what was wrong I was informed that the repairs would cost 3000 dollars. I then took the car to my regular mechanic who not only told me the repairs they mentioned are not necessary but that they didn't notice I needed a new water pump. Including the water pump the repair price at my regular mechanic was 1000 dollars. They over charge you for repairs. Do not bring your car here unless it's for an oil change.


Friendly, trustworthy and professional. My car runs like a million bucks and I always get way better gas mileage after a visit to Pro 1. I have been going there for years and am always very pleased with the service and repairs. I have moved away from Reno now but still go up there (if possible) to have them work on it because I know I can trust them to do a great job at a fair price.

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